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What is Equal Health & Wellness? Simply put: This is the program for those who are ready to take control of their health, accomplish their goals and build the full life of their dreams. If any of this resonates with you, keep on scrolling for a look at what Equal specializes in, quickly meet Dani or

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- What Equal Specializes In -

Newly diagnosed with or currently living with Lupus

Cultivating nourishment on and off the plate

One-on-one virtual sessions tailored to you

Creating and applying self-care & stress management

Creating balance with the heart, mind, body

and soul.

This Is Dani

Certified Integrative Health Coach &

Lupus Wellness Expert

"Since my own lupus diagnoses, I have intimately experienced the struggles of not only adjusting to living with lupus, but also thriving on a daily basis with my illness. It's my greatest passion to help my clients do the same!"


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