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Payment Plans

A Note From Dani:

Having an autoimmune disease complicates more than just our personal lives. It can also cost. A lot. That is more than understood here at Equal, because it's an everyday element to my life, just like it is to yours. 

Between medications, doctors visits, spontaneous tests, lupus-safe workout plans and meal plans... And that doesn't even include the higher grocery bill due to the specialized way of how we Lupies need to eat, or days missed at work due to a sudden flare up. Life is expensive for the average person, especially for those of us between 18 - 30 just trying to figure it all out. Throw in an autoimmune disease and being overwhelmed is an understatement. I get it. Really, I do. I also know the anxiety of wanting to buy or join a program but fearing how I could afford it. But ask yourself these questions: Are you happy with your life with lupus? Do you feel like there is another way no one has told you yet? Are you wanting to live a full, happy life partnering with your illness, and not being controlled by it? If you are, I know you'll benefit more from this program than you could possibly imagine! You deserve the life you've been wishing for and dreaming of. You have all the power to create it yourself, and using the 6 Month Program to do that will show you just how powerful you are. I cannot wait to work with you! 

There are two payment options:

The first is paying all up front. By doing this, you'll be joining the 6 Month Program not only without the worrying of monthly installments, BUT you'll also saving yourself $400 off of the original $1,200 cost of the program! Join the program by signing up here!

If the whole payment up front doesn't work for you, that's totally fine! There is an option for you as well! You'll be signing up for an automatic monthly installment of $150 for six months. Join the program by signing up here!

Any personal information including name, phone number and/or emails, credit card information, or any other personal information given to join the Equal Health & Wellness Community will never be sold or given to outside sources. 

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