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About Equal
Health & Wellness

Read on to learn more about the integrative, inclusive, heart-centered approach

that makes up Equal Health & Wellness!

The Equal Mission

Living with an invisible illness is a whole new challenge to anyone, but there is a unique kind of hurdle when you're in your twenties. And it can be a certain kind of blow when suddenly health, fitness, lifestyle and social life get turned upside down or sometimes taken away completely. 

Here's the thing though: We can live a beautiful life, full of adventure, excitement and joy, even with an autoimmune disease. Helping each client find just that is the Equal Mission. Thriving with the flares ups, the chronic exhaustion, the joint pain and all the challenges lupus has to offer is more than a dream - it's an attainable reality. I can promise that it is, because I'm living that dream. That's the mission with this coaching program: that every individual client learns to partner with their body, and creates a glorious, joyful life! In fact, I venture to say we can life an even more fulfilled life because of our chronic illness. And here at Equal Health & Wellness, we're together every step of the way. 

Join me, and see just how incredible life can be! 

 - Dani

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