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The 6 Month Program

How It Works:

The 6 Month Program is the main course of Equal Health & Wellness. Because of the specialization in lupus wellness, each session is centered around the common and/or the specific daily challenges of each individual clients and managing their illness. That's why this program is different from any others: the client leads the way, while the coach encourages, assists and supports them.

How it works:

Once the client has signed up through they're payment of choice, they will be in contact with me (Dani) to schedule the free online consultation! This session isn't included in the twelve sessions that are a part of the program. It's here that we'll meet virtually, get to know each other and talk about what the your goals are as the client.

After the Initial Consultation, the next twelve session will be scheduled and the one-on-one coaching will begin! 

What's Included?

- Bi-Monthly, one-on-one scheduled 60 minute session between you and your health coach tailored specifically to you and your health goals*


- Unlimited communication between you and your health coach during office hours.

- Tools and strategies for building and maintaining a fulfilling, joyful and active life with lupus!

- Learning how to live authentically with lupus and not let it control you.


- Personalized nutrition plans

- Weight loss 

- Fitness tips

- Stress management

- Self-care routines

And so much more!

*All consultations and sessions will be conducted either over the phone or virtually through FaceTime or Skype.

Testimonials From Past Clients

I found Dani through a friend, and decided to go ahead with the free intitial consultation. Immediately, I knew I wanted to work with her! Her kindness and compassion has allowed me to reach the goals I always wanted to reach, but never thought i could!

I was nervous initially. But after a few session with Dani I not only started noticing changes from being more energetic, to less anxiety throughout my day. I have learned so much about myself, and my own power to heal myself.

Losing weight was the reason I decided to try out health coaching. What I've found through the 6 month program is much more than I could have ever imagined. I wake up happier, and I go to sleep grateful. I've been given tools to help with my depression and my eating habits! I love having Dani as my health coach! 

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